Single Moms Travel Club Review: Niagara Falls

I was born not too far from Niagara Falls so I have been blessed to have multiple visits under my belt. The last time I went, I took 6 little ones with me.  Yep… I lost my mind!

Here are my top five tips for navigating Niagara Falls with Littles!


  1. Yes, you need to do Maid of the Mist! Duh! If you visit and you don’t jump on the boat, you might as well just watch it on YouTube. Maybe that was a bit harsh…not! Your going to journey into the heart of one of North America’s most powerful waterfalls. Hear the thundering roar of 600,000 gallons of water falling right before your eyes. Feel the mighty rush of the mist on your face aboard the Maid of the Mist. It’s the only way to experience one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders. Make this the first thing you do and start your day early! You can grab tickets now, so no waiting in line! Make sure everyone in your group has on slip proof shoes, no flip flops or heels…and yes I have seen women in heels on this boat! make sure your little ones shoes are tied and they stay close. Jumping on and off can be a bit intimidating especially if you have more than one hand to clouds daylight falls
  2. So much more than just the falls. Take the kids to Old Falls Street. It is also on the USA side!  This three block cobblestone street connects the entrance of Niagara Falls Stat Park with The Conference & Event Center, the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino and most downtown hotels, restaurants and attractions. This versatile street features free family games, weekly live music and outdoor movies, bike rentals and seasonal festivals for residents and visitors alike. Niagara falls attraction for kids.jpg
  3. Don’t miss out on Hidden Valley Animal Adventure! No relationship to the ranch dip, this spot is a Wild Game Safari Park located in Varysburg, NY offering guests an up close and personal interactive experience with exotic animals. The 63 acre park is home to over 400 animals representing 40 different species from around the globe. Guests take a 55 minute guided trolley tour through the park where they get a chance to see and feed the animals to include camels, zebra, bison, water buffalo, emus, ostriches and many more. Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is truly a special experience for the whole family. Wild Game Safari Tours run May–October.
  4. Check the weather…often. I have noticed that depending on the time of year you visit, there can be some huge discrepancies in the weather. Light layers are the way to go. If you get a little wet and there is a slight breeze, you might start shivering. If there is a chill in the air, you will feel it for sure being near the water. Sunscreen is a great idea, as shade is very limited.
  5. If you go to the Canadian side, make sure you have your passports. I know there are tons of mini rules for crossing this boarder, so just follow the one that won’t get you in trouble… and bring your passport for yourself and your children. Don’t forget that you need to have 6 additional months of travel time after your planned adventure. If you are traveling in January, make sure your passport doesn’t expire until well after June!


So there you have it! These are my top 5 travel tips when visiting Niagara Falls with kiddos.

Do you have any travel tips you want to share? Drop those bad boys in the comment section below!!!


Always remember…”The days are long, but the years are short”




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