Why I Started Single Moms Travel Club

Thanks for joining me!

I’m a single mom to 5 amazing kids and an entrepreneur. In the next 12 months, I will have traveled cross country, visited New Orleans, Cancun, Las Vegas taken a cruise and taken my kids to Greece.

You can do this too!

I try and educate people of the importance of diversifying your income. You have multiple bills, therefore you should have multiple streams of income. Period. It doesn’t matter how great your job is and how awesome of a salary you’re earning. The fact is, there is no such thing as job security, and in today’s employment system you can lose your job due to no fault of your own at any moment.

I have researched countless income opportunities over the years. As far as home-based businesses go, the home-based travel business owner opportunity is by far one of the best opportunities I’ve come across in a long time.

-27 years of proven success
-A+ rating with the BBB
-Superior customer service
-No experience required
-Low startup
-Training provided in addition to a vast amount of training resources
-No quotas
-Set your own hours
-Work from home or anywhere else you are in the world
-Work part time or full time
-Earn 70-80% travel commissions
-Optional opportunity to create residual income
-Your own personal website booking engine
-No middleman. You book directly with all of the major travel partners
-It’s recession proof

*This is not an affiliate program or travel club like Paycation or World Ventures. This is not a timeshare. This is not a pyramid scheme and this is not a Ponzi scheme. You will be an independent travel business owner and operator of your very own travel agency with the ability to help others do the same.


Everybody wants to do it and everybody is doing it! A commission is being paid every time travel is being booked. The question is would you like to be on the receiving end of it?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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